France: Courbet jeweler now accepts Bitcoin (BTC)

Courbet, when jewelry meets Bitcoin

Buyable luxury jewelry made of Bitcoin (BTC)? The French jeweler Courbet, based in Paris, has just implemented it. Born in May 2018, this startup, already very innovative in its industry, continues to innovate, and is ahead of its peers.

According to the press release shared by Finextra, Courbet is the first jewelry house in Europe to offer its customers the ability to pay for their purchases with Bitcoin. The Queen of Cryptomoney is accepted on the website and directly in the store.

This initiative is the result of a collaboration with, a startup providing electronic payment terminals (Eftpos terminals) that allow customers to pay with encrypted cash:

„The trademark of the House of Courbet is luxury, but also upheaval. After announcing the use of synthetic diamonds and recycled gold, we are proud to position ourselves at the next technological frontier represented by payments with cryptomoney,“ said Manuel Mallen, President and co-founder of Courbet.

Interestingly enough, Lunu does not impose its own exchange rate for converting cryptomoney into fiat currencies, and transaction fees are not that high, in the order of 1% of the transaction amount.

On the Courbet side, the jeweler receives euros directly into his account, which saves him from having to carry out exchange transactions and makes the process completely transparent.

Note that the Lunu payment terminal natively accepts other cryptomoney, such as Ether (ETH), XRP, Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DASH and TRX. Lunu even supports the Lightning Network.

If the implementation of the payment option in BTC is successful, it is therefore conceivable that Courbet could integrate other cryptomoney systems.

The adoption of Bitcoin among businesses continues to grow, and France seems to be welcoming it rather well in its recent times (at least among merchants). At the beginning of September, the travel agency Ulysses took the plunge by accepting Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) on its platform.

These initiatives have been very well received within the crypto-sphere, and startups are well aware that accepting cryptomoney and especially Bitcoin offers them a significant gain in visibility, while proving that they are following the trend.

„This partnership is a first step towards the democratization of payments with cryptomoney, which Lunu actively seeks to promote. Although cryptomoney is a means of payment like any other, it still lacks openings, because companies have a biased vision of this technology. Our work with Courbet challenges these stereotypes,“ said Artem Shaginyan, CEO and co-founder of Lunu.

Together, Lunu and Courbet offer a positive payment alternative in the jewelry world. In addition, Courbet once again demonstrates its ability to adapt to the demands of an ever-changing market.